Gold ADDY: Best Consumer Website, 2017

Over the past two years, the St. Louis CVC worked with H&L Partners to establish the city as a nearby, affordable vacation destination for families. In 2016, the CVC wanted to expand its reach to millennials by highlighting the city’s flourishing urban scene – including music and nightlife.

On the whole, millennials are suspicious of overt advertising. We knew a direct message from the St. Louis CVC would not resonate with our target audience. So we created STL.Live — the CVC’s alter ego: an unbranded web portal featuring authentic interviews with St. Louis tastemakers and entrepreneurs in the categories of beer, food, music, and culture. Users have an opportunity to interact with the video and learn more about each featured location as well as view local social media support.

During the course of the project, I interviewed our selected tastemakers and shaped two hour interviews into these short stories, highlighting the local scenes.

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Art Dir—
Shuan Young

Rebekah Nelson
Issac White

Creative Dir—Chris KilCullen

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